Welcome to the Catholic Life Institute homepage!


Are you tired of New Age-infested retreat centers, watered down Catholicism, and programs offering Eastern meditation techniques instead of authentic Christian contemplation, the new Catholic Life Institute is the place for you!


This retreat program is run by the faithful, for the faithful, and provides the local Catholic community with retreats, group studies, seminars, Days of Recollection and other Catholic devotions and activities that are faithful to the Magisterium.


Based in Fatima House in Bedminster, Pennsylvania, our seminars and group study programs are all a' la carte. meaning you can order them and present them in your own parish or community. If you're local, check out our upcoming schedule to see what we're planning for the months ahead. We're just getting started, so join us in prayer as we work to create a place where we can all live our faith freely, faithfully, and fearlessly!